UHS PSRAM Memory Controller

UHS PSRAM Memory Controller

DTI UHS PSRAM external memory controller is interfaced to control PSRAM devices. The controller is fully
programmable and configurable, flexible to customers’ needs.

Features Design Status
  • Single Channel Configuration (1 channel for PSRAM)
  • Single APB Programming Interface (Programming Registers)
  • Single AXI4 Interfaces Configuration (1 AXI4 Interfaces)
  • Programmable Timing Registers
  • Programmable PSRAM Operation Mode (Through MRW)
  • Dynamic Address Mapping Scheme
  • Automatic Periodic Refresh
  • 1:1/1:2/1:4 Frequency Ratio System
  • Asynchronous/Synchronous AXI4/APB Interfaces
  • Page Read Access (PRA) input through DM pin
  • Wrap burst in 16/32/64/128 Bytes length
  • Data write mask for write operation through DM pin
  • PHY features support
    • DFI 3.1 Compliance
    • 1:2 frequency ratio support
    • DDR3/2 LPDDR3/2 PHY- Independent training mode for gate, write leveling
    • 8-bit DQ

Data Sheets are available under NDA




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