Memory Test & Repair

Dolphin Technology now provides a memory BIST solution which has been optimized for Dolphin memories. It supports all Dolphin memory compilers, including SRAM and RF.

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Features Design Status
  • Fully automated MBIST RTL and Gate flow
  • Fully supported BIST test, diagnosis and soft/hard repair
  • Fully supported eFuse controller for automated hard repair
  • Analyze RTL design or netlist to identify memories
  • Plan MBIST engines
  • Verify stand-alone
  • Insert into RTL design or netlist
  • Verify partition level
  • Top level hookup to JTAG
  • Fully supported P1500 interface and Tap controller
  • Verify top level
  • Generate test patterns and SVF file
  • Incremental repair capability
  • Programmable March-style algorithm
  • APB interface for BIST test and fuse operation
  • Diagnosis test, Characterization test and SVF debug flow
  • Fully supported ICL/PDL of IEEE 1687
  • Automated subchip integration flow

Data Sheets are available under NDA