Memory IPs

Dolphin Technology maintains a broad portfolio of SoC building blocks that provide silicon proven IP for customers who need:

SDRAM DDR Controller and PHY
EMMC Controller & PHY
SD-SDIO/UHS-2 Controller & PHY
Memory Test & Repair
Octal SPI Controller
Quad SPI Controller


Dolphin’s extensive offerings have met the most rigorous standards of the industry’s most demanding companies.

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SDRAM DDR Controller and PHY

Dolphin Technology offers a high performance DDRx/LPDDRx DRAM memory controller solution that is optimized to provide a complete solution along with our DDR PHY IP.

Our controllers are DFI 4.0 compliant and are fully configurable, ensuring maximum performance across different system environments. Read More


EMMC PHY & Controller

Dolphin Technology delivers custom, synthesizable IP to support specific design requirements. The DTI EMMC controller provides the logic to integrate a Host and PHY controller supporting embedded MultiMediaCard (eMMC) version 5.1 into any system on chip (SoC). Read More


SD-SDIO PHY & Controller

DTI SD host controller facilitates host equipment to communicate with SD card. It supports both legacy and ultra-high speed II (UHS-II) interfaces. Read More


I2C PHY & Controller

DTI I2C controller provides the logic consistent with NXP I2C specification to support the communication of low-speed integrated circuits through I2C bus.

The IP facilitates software controllable by application processor through industry-standard AMBA interface. The bus interface is flexible and easily integrated into APB, AHB or AXI system bus. Read More


I2S PHY & Controller

DTI I2S controller provides interface between system bus and Inter-IC Sound devices. The controller is compliant with Philips Inter-IC Sound Bus Specification and AMBA APB Specification. Other buses such as AXI-Lite, AHB-Lite, OCP, and etc are optional supports. Read More