Reed-Solomon Encoder/Decoder

Reed-Solomon Encoder/Decoder

DTI Reed Solomon Encoder and DTI Reed Solomon Decoder are used in error correction applications using Reed-Solomon codes. These IPs are fully programmable, configurable and flexible to customers’ needs.


  • Fully parameterized Reed-Solomon function, including:
    • Number of bits per symbol
    • Number of symbols per message
    • Number of correctable error symbols per codeword
  • The maximum degree of Galois field can support is 16
  • Automatically configured by customers’ entered parameters
  • Support shortened codewords
  • Encoder features support:
    • Either continuous or discrete operation with chip enable signal
  • Decoder features support:
    • Two decoding algorithms (Berlekamp-Massey and Euclidean)
    • Pipeline operation mode
    • Control input of data to decoder with chip enable signal
    • Error measurement information
    • Separate FIFO memory for increased flexibility


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