Watchdog Timer (TTC)

Dolphin Technology provides Watchdog Timer (WDT) IP which is used to prevent system lockup if software becomes trapped in a deadlock by generating a system reset, an interrupt, or an external signal. The IP is programmable by a standard APB Slave peripheral which is used periodically by Software to control the watchdog by writing to it to reset its timeout counters.

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Features Design Status

Compliant with the following specifications:

  • AMBA, Advanced Peripheral Bus (APB) Specification Version 2.0
  • AMBA, Advanced High-performance Bus (AHB) Specification Version 2.0
  • AMBA, Advanced eXtensibale Bus (AXI) Specification Version 4.0
  • AMBA, Advanced eXtensibale Lite Bus (AXI-Lite) Specification Version 4.0

DTI WDT Controller supports:

  • Master only operation
  • Slave only operation
  • Master and slave operation
  • Clock synchronization
  • Programmable FIFO watermarks
  • Interrupt interface

Data Sheets are available under NDA