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Dolphin Technology maintains a broad portfolio of SoC building blocks that provide silicon proven IP for customers who need:

Memory Compilers Interface PHY & Controller
Specialty Memory DDR PHY & Controller
General Purpose I/O EMMC PHY & Controller
Special Purpose I/O SD-SDIO PHY & Controller
Standard Cell libraries I2C PHY & Controller
Memory Test & Repair I2S PHY & Controller
Temperature Sensor SERDES

Dolphin’s extensive offerings have met the most rigorous standards of the industry’s most demanding companies.

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Dolphin Technology maintains a broad IP portfolio of Memory Compilers, Specialty Memory and Memory Test & Repair (Memory BIST), providing SoC designers with solutions optimized for low power, high performance and high density across a broad range of process technologies.

These solutions feature advanced power management capabilities – such as light sleep, deep sleep, power gating, dual rails and more – that meet even the most demanding low-power, low-leakage requirements. Read More


Dolphin Technology offers a wide range of I/O that consists of standard I/O, interface I/O (bus specific Special Purpose I/O) and high speed I/O. These I/O are available in Core/Area, Flip-Chip, Wire-Bond, Staggered and In-line style. In addition, our I/O compiler enables us to customize the entire I/O library based on process and chip specific options. Read More

Standard Cell

Dolphin Technology has developed extensive High Performance, Ultra High Density Standard Cell libraries with approximately 5000 fully custom Standard Cells that have been methodically tested and verified in Silicon for each process technology supported. We have gone to great effort to optimize each cell for performance, routability, power and density in order to improve performance, wafer yield and overall SoC cost. Read More


Dolphin Technology provides hardened DDR PHY IP which operates at maximum speeds and is fully compliant with the DFI 4.0 specification.

Features include slew rate control, per-bit de-skew, gate training, read and write leveling and built-in self test (BIST). We also provide a complete DDR Memory Controller solution. Read More

SDRAM DDR Controller

Dolphin Technology offers a high performance DDRx/LPDDRx DRAM memory controller solution that is optimized to provide a complete solution along with our DDR PHY IP.

Our controllers are DFI 4.0 compliant and are fully configurable, ensuring maximum performance across different system environments. Read More

EMMC PHY & Controller

Dolphin Technology delivers custom, synthesizable IP to support specific design requirements. The DTI EMMC controller provides the logic to integrate a Host and PHY controller supporting embedded MultiMediaCard (eMMC) version 5.1 into any system on chip (SoC). Read More

SD-SDIO PHY & Controller

DTI SD host controller facilitates host equipment to communicate with SD card. It supports both legacy and ultra-high speed II (UHS-II) interfaces. Read More

I2C PHY & Controller

DTI I2C controller provides the logic consistent with NXP I2C specification to support the communication of low-speed integrated circuits through I2C bus.

The IP facilitates software controllable by application processor through industry-standard AMBA interface. The bus interface is flexible and easily integrated into APB, AHB or AXI system bus. Read More

I2S PHY & Controller

DTI I2S controller provides interface between system bus and Inter-IC Sound devices. The controller is compliant with Philips Inter-IC Sound Bus Specification and AMBA APB Specification. Other buses such as AXI-Lite, AHB-Lite, OCP, and etc are optional supports. Read More

Memory Test & Repair (Memory BIST)

Dolphin Technology provides a memory test and repair (BIST) solution which enables customers to efficiently utilize all available memory compiler options. Our memory BIST is optimized for Dolphin memories, and supports all Dolphin memory compilers, including SRAM and RF. Read More


Dolphin Technology offers a wide range, programmable PLL Compiler designed to provide low jitter across PVT variations. We also provide a fully digital DLL solution available across a broad frequency range. Read More


Dolphin Technology provides SerDes solutions that operate at maximum speed and support a broad array of industry standards such as XAUI, PCI Express, SATA, SAS, Fibre Channel, PCI Express, Gigabit Ethernet and SRIO.

In addition, Dolphin also provides a Quick Path Interconnect (QPI) that supports the latest clock and data rates. Read More

Temperature Sensor

It is designed to provide sensing in 2 temperature ranges:

  • From 0°C to 90°C, it provides sensing in steps of 2°C.
  • From 90°C to 130°C, it provides sensing in steps of 0.5°C.

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