SD-SDIO Controller

DTI SD host controller facilitates host equipment to communicate with SD card. It supports both legacy and ultra-high speed II (UHS-II) interfaces.

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Features Design Status

Compliant with the following specifications:

  • Part 1 Physical Layer Specification Version 5.0
  • Part 1 UHS-II Addendum Version 1.02
  • Part A2 SD Host Controller Specification Version 4.20

DTI SD Host Controller supports:

  • Standard Capacity (SDSC), High Capacity (SDHC) and Extended Capacity (SDXC) cards
  • 1 and 4-bit parallel legacy SD interface, and serial UHS-II interface
  • All bus interface modes: legacy SD (DS, HS, SDR12, SDR25, SDR50, SDR104, DDR50) and UHS-II (FD156, HD312)
  • UHS-I Clock Tuning Mechanism
  • Data transfer rate up to 104 Mbps with 4 parallel SD data lines
  • Data transfer rate up to 312 Mbps in Half-duplex; 156 Mbps in Full-duplex mode with UHS-II interface
  • UHS-II full duplex and half duplex modes
  • UHS-II multiple power saving modes at Link level (Dormant) and Lane level (EIDL)
  • UHS-II data burst retry
  • Selectable non DMA, Single DMA (SDMA), Advanced DMA 2 (ADMA2) and Advanced DMA 3 (ADMA3)
  • Dual data buffer to improve the data throughput
  • Interfaces to DTI SD PHY
  • Point to point topology for single device
  • Card Detection (Insertion / Removal)
  • Programmable system wake-up and interrupts

Data Sheets are available under NDA