PCM-to-PDM Bridge

DTI_PCM2PDM converts 16 bit PCM data with low sampling rate to 1 bit PDM data with higher sampling rate, data width is from 16-bit to 24-bit, interpolator factor is 36/48/64/96 using one multiplier
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Features Design Status
DTI PCM2PDM Controller supports:

  • Single channel 16-bit PCM audio input with 20 to 60 kHz sampling rate, typically use 48 kHz
  • Single channel 1-bit PDM output with 1 to 3,072 kHz sampling rate, typically use 2,304 kHz
  • Upsampling factor: 48
  • Automatic output sample rate’s change depends on manually configured input sample rate
  • Output bandwidth: 0kHz to 20kHz
  • SNR: 110dB

Data Sheets are available under NDA



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