SSI Controller

Dolphin Technology provides Synchronous Serial Interface (SSI) IP which is an interface that is being used with absolute value transmitters, for example position sensors. This interface makes it possible to create a serial data transfer where absolute information concerning a position is transferred. The IP generally is used for point-to-point connections, especially as here a data transfer is required that takes place reliably and securely.

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Features Design Status
Compliant with the following specifications:

  • AMBA, Advanced Peripheral Bus (APB) Specification Version 2.0
  • AMBA, Advanced High-performance Bus (AHB) Specification Version 2.0
  • AMBA, Advanced eXtensibale Bus (AXI) Specification Version 4.0
  • AMBA, Advanced eXtensibale Lite Bus (AXI-Lite) Specification Version 4.0

DTI SSI Controller supports:

  • Multi-channel n-bit SSI (n is programmable)
  • Serial Synchronous Interface
  • CLOCK and DATA signals are transmitted according to RS422 or RS485 standard
  • Clock frequencies can be used ranging from 100 kHz to 2 MHz
  • 2 mode Single transmission and Multiple transmissions
  • Interrupting transmission
  • Gray/binary decoding for each channel
  • Automatic communication and Line-break detection
  • Clock synchronization

Data Sheets are available under NDA



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