Direct Memory Access (DMA)

Direct Memory Access (DMA)

DTI_DMA control the DMA transfers data between different points in the memory space without intervention of the CPU. The DMA is generally used to replace two CPU functions: memory copy and transfer data between memory and peripheral (peripheral devices such as SPI, UART, GPIO, I2C, I2S, WDT, etc.)

Features Design Status
  • Support 1 to 16 channels (Parameter Configuration)
  • Support maximum 8 peripherals can connect to 1 DMA channel (Parameter Configuration)
  • Channel Arbitration
  • Multiple transfer direction: memory to memory, memory to peripheral, peripheral to memory
  • Single APB Programming Interface (Programming Registers)
  • 2 AXI4 Master Ports (Parameter Configuration)
    Asynchronus AXI4/APB Interfaces
  • AXI4 Data Width: 32, 64, 128, 256 or 512 bits (Parameter Configuration)
  • AXI4 Address Width: Up to 32 bits (Parameter
  • Support source address, destination address,
    data tran unaligned with AXI4 data size
  • Single FIFO data per channel
  • Automatic packing/unpacking of data to fit FIFO width
  • Support timeout monitoring
  • Data swapping endian mode
  • Interrupt for DMA transfer and channel status
  • Support Scatter-Gather mode
  • Support Circular mode
  • Support Double Buffer mode
  • Support 1D-2D transfer mode

Data Sheets are available under NDA




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