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MS Visio replacement by a Vietnam software (very cool)

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An open-source GUI prototyping tool that’s available for ALL platforms.

Pencil is built for the purpose of providing a free and open-source GUI prototyping tool that people can easily install and use to create mockups in popular desktop platforms.

The latest stable version of Pencil is 3.0.4 which contains stability fixes and features a visual stencil builder. More details can befound in the releaste notes.

New!! Weekly Report Feature

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Hi guys,

From now, weekly report feature is ready to use. Let use this feature instead of using excel sheet. With this new feature, we can easily add and edit jobs for each day, it’s quite easier if we spend some minute to make areport for every day, then on the next monday we dont need to remember what we had done in the last week. Hope you guys enjoy it!! 😀

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