Mohamed Tamjidi

In late 1995, Mo Tamjidi, president and founder of Dolphin Technology, came to the realization that the design community was increasingly challenged, both to find quality IC design engineers, and to maximize their productivity.

The challenges which Dolphin Technology now solves were first recognized when Tamjidi was at Sun Microsystems, doing advanced processor design. Later, as a design consultant at AMD doing SOC and blocks design, he recognized the leverage that providing advanced, proven IP modules and IP generation tools could give design teams. With this goal in mind, he founded Dolphin Technology in November 1996, and successfully shipped the first product about 6 months later.

Mo Tamjidi has over 30 years of experience in IC/SOC design and the design automation industry. He previously held management and engineering positions at Sun, Aspen (Cypress), Logic Devices, Xicor, and Virage Logic. Mr. Tamjidi is a graduate of 1987 with a MS degree in Electrical Engineering from OGI School of Science & Technology.